What now? What next? A small group for thinking about our future.


What now, what next?’ is a group for people who wish to meet with others to explore and reflect on their personal experience and feelings about the climate and biodiversity crises. More details about the group can be found on the Events page. These will include dates for the next group that will be forthcoming shortly but please contact us to register your interest. ‘

Please contact Jacqui Davis (jacquidavis99@gmail.com) or Anne Murray (averamurray6@gmail.com) with any enquiries.

Climate Listening Bench

Climate Listening Bench – offers people an informal opportunity to sit down and talk to our climate listeners. Contact us if you would like us to bring the Listening Bench to an event you are holding. From time to time we also set the Listening Bench up in venues around the city, most often in New Square. Current dates can be found on the Events Page.

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