Coping with the climate crisis videos

These six short videos may help you understand some of the complex experiences you and others have as you come to terms with the climate crisis.

Coping with the climate crisis 1: Disavowal or everyday denial

Coping with the climate crisis 2: climate distress & anxiety

Coping with the climate crisis 3: Loss and grief

Coping with the climate crisis 4: Supporting others

Coping with the climate crisis 5: Hope and despair

Coping with the climate crisis 6: Climate journeys

Individual support

If you are suffering from climate distress and feel that those around you are unable to help, the Climate Psychology Alliance has a network of therapists offering three, free sessions of psychological support to anyone suffering from climate related difficulties. Most sessions are currently conducted online or over the phone.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy can also be helpful. Young people in Cambridge (up to the age of 25) can get free counselling through Centre 33. For private therapy the Counselling Directory lists properly qualified counsellors and psychotherapists from numerous training backgrounds while the British Psychology Society lists psychologists who specialise in psychotherapy. When you make contact ask the therapist whether they have any experience of working with climate distress. There are an increasing number of therapists who are involved in climate work and understand the issues well and increasing opportunities for therapists to attend training days on climate. Most importantly however, go with your gut feeling. If it feels like the therapist is open to you and what you’re feeling (whether or not they have any specialist experience or training in climate issues) it will probably be helpful.

If you are feeling desparate and need someone to speak to urgently, contact the Samaritans. You don’t have to be suicidal to use their helpline. Phone 116 123 or email