Spring hopes

As signs of spring appear and virus levels fall we are beginning to feel hopeful that we may soon be able to be run workshops and activities face to face. Some are aimed at helping people explore the distressing and anxious feelings many of us experience about the changing climate. Others focus on the psychological skills that can give you strength and help you in campaigning and community activity. Over the coming months we hope to initiate some of the following.

Climate listening bench: a bench situated in one of our public parks where at certain times of the week you can come to talk with one of our members about your concerns about the climate. Location and times will be made available later.

Walk and talk group: a group that meets outside whatever the weather, goes for a walk, experiences being alive in nature and talks about whatever comes up. More details when we know that this kind of activity will be allowed.

What now what next? A small group for thinking about our future with Jacqui Davis and Anne Murray. The group will run for 9 weeks, details are here and it will start as soon as possible, so let us know if you are interested.

Conversations with children and young people about climate. A workshop for parents and carers. Let us know if this would interest you.

Workshops on communicating better about climate change. One looks at how to manage those difficult conversations which often erupt with friends, family and colleagues. The other looks at how to use your own story to talk convincingly and empathically when you get the chance to hold the floor for a few minutes or even longer. Let us know if either of these would interest you.

Workshops for building strength, team work and community. These are best done amongst a group of people from the same organisation and focus on strengthening the understanding and the bonds between you. Contact us if you would like to know more.

And more….? We want to build our work round our knowledge of people’s actual needs so please contact us with ideas of what would be helpful to you and your organisation in our mutual struggles with the climate crisis.

Use the contact form to let us know what interests you.

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