Climate Listening Bench

Climate Listening Bench – offers people an informal opportunity to sit down and talk to our climate listeners. Contact us if you would like us to bring the Listening Bench to an event you are holding. From time to time we also set the Listening Bench up in venues around the city, most often in New Square. Dates appear on the Home Page and on the Events Page

Living with the Climate Crisis

Living with the Climate Crisis.

This is a major new project being developed in conjunction with the Climate Psychology Alliance. We are writing psychologically based materials for use in groups aimed at helping people move from climate distress to action in whatever forums feel right for them – community, political, personal, workplace. The pilot group has been running May-July and the materials will be available in the autumn under Creative Commons Licensing to people and organisations wishing to use them. More information will follow

What now, what next?

This is a group for people who wish to meet with others to explore and reflect on their personal experience and feelings about the climate and biodiversity crises. Details of the next group will appear on the Home Page and on the Events Page.

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