Support for Net Zero Now

We are working with Cambridge Carbon Footprint to support their Net Zero Now project which helps to train and support community climate leaders across South Cambridgeshire.

The programme is providing free training in effective carbon reduction strategies for local communities.

Daniela Fernandez-Catherall and Simon Lacey from Cambridge Climate Therapists are running a session on how we can achieve more sustainable activism by grounding our actions for climate in our values and life experiences.

Although no longer open to applicants, webinars from the course can be viewed on the Cambridge Carbon Footprint site.

For information on possible future courses you can email

We celebrated the launch of our new Living with the Climate Crisis project

After a huge amount of effort and collaboration, we celebrated the launch of our new Living with the Climate Crisis project on Monday 17 April.

This project draws on the authors Rosemary Randall, Rebecca Nestor, Daniela Fernandez-Catherall and Andy Brown’s years of experience working to support people and communities as they confront the reality of the climate crisis.

The resources are freely available for anyone who is interested in running groups to support others in their communities respond to the climate crisis.

They focus on:

  • support and understanding
  • communication
  • finding pathways to carbon reduction and community and political action

Living with the climate crisis groups will provide a space for people to talk, to share, to express what they feel and to reflect. They offer tools, ideas and skills. They emphasise our shared humanity, our interdependence and the need for a collective response. They are rooted in psychological understandings of our distress, of our difficulties in communication and of each person’s need to find a place in a bewildering array of possibilities for action.

The project is run by the Climate Psychology Alliance on a dedicated website,, where you can view, read and download the new materials free.